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FlowerHorn Fish|'Hua Lou Han Fish'

FlowerHorn Fish or its also called "Hua Lou Han" in Mandarin language? Who ever heard this name before?. It never occurred to me that I will come face to face looking at these beautiful fish at a friend's house. Looking at its protruding forehead which is the main attraction and having striking features in appearance and color. These species of fish are really totally different and uniques from other fish. Just by looking at the photos you will know what I mean.

What on earth is FlowerHorn Fish 

FlowerHorn Fish or Hua Lou Han Fish as some people called it are actually a cross breed between different cichids from South America. Exact which species that are used to breed Flowerhorn Fish are unknown but most people believe that it is combination of a trimac and one or several other species.

The first impression when people see these fish, Wow! "What an exotic fish"

See the photo on the right. Do you noticed, there is a big hump on the fish's forehead. That's the biggest attraction that people want to see. Yet instead of the hump, the existence of some black-marking on its body, which resemble Chinese characters,
is also an interesting issue. Some lottery-punters(gambling) sometimes try to get some clues from the markings? Sound weird! but people will do all sorts of things to get rich.

How Popular these Fish 

The Flowerhorn fish or cichlids became an instant popular in Asia due to fact that they are assumed to bring good luck to their owners and better Feng Shui

The Humps that can be found on adultFlowerhorn fish resembles 
Chinese God of Longevity. Due to this believed, the market prices of these fish goes up like sky-rocket. There have beenFlowerhorn fish that have been sold for several hundred thousands dollars. Yet for most fish, the price are however much cheaper.

How To Care for These Flowerhorn Fish? 

If you have the desires to and plan to have these Flowerhorn fish in your premises. These is what you should know:-
  1. Aquarium Setup

Flowerhorn cichlids need large 
aquarium due to their large size and aggressive temperament. They should be kept alone or with other large aggressive cichlids from the same area. You can get more details from in you are interested to keep these fish as your pets


2. Feeding Flowerhorns

Talking about 
Flowerhorn cichlids are like most South American cichlids anything but picky eaters and they accept almost any food. They have high energy consumptions and need a lot of food to develop optimally.The fact that these large fishes require a lot of food also means that there is a large strain on the water and water changes should be do one to two times a week.


3. Breeding Flowerhorn cichlids

It is possible to breed Flowerhorn cichlids in aquarium tanks in the same way you would breed Trimacs and other large South American cichlids. You should however not expect to get Flowerhorn cichlids of the same quality as the parents. Some may be, but that is not guarantee.It takes knowledge about the the different strains and line breeding to create quality Flowerhorn fish.